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A nation divided: HOT west, COLD east to start the year

Source: Climate Central Source: Climate Central

Portions of the articled are from Climate Central.

The eastern U.S. experienced a deep freeze to kick off 2014, while the western U.S. was unusually warm. 

The contrast can be seen in the images below. 

The blue dots in the top image show where the high temperature for a given January 2014 day tied or were cooler than the lowest daytime highs on record.  

Basically, it means it was a record cold day in the afternoon.  

This occurred over 2000 times in January, mainly east of the Continental Divide. 

There are also nearly 800 red dots, which indicate new record highs.  

These red dots are concentrated mostly west of the Continental Divide.  

Although the cold weather records dominate in the numbers, keep in mind that weather station coverage in the eastern U.S. is much better than in the more sparsely populated western U.S. 

The warm air even reached all the way into Alaska, as the polar vortex pushed Arctic temperatures into the eastern U.S. during January.  

According to Climate Central, Port Alsworth, AK, reached 62°F on January 27, which tied the official statewide record high for the month of January.

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