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Snow-magedden of a year

Late Autumn of 2013 winter started to take hold around the country. Maybe not so much here in Arizona but folks in the Midwest and back East sure felt old man winter moving in. We posted a story about the extreme cold right before this article, and thought we might as well throw in the precipitation aspect too.

Most cities from the Mississippi River east toward the Atlantic Ocean have been hit with fairly large snow storms. Nothing extremely large (say over 24" of snow) but multiple storms back to back with widespread snow. And as we head into a new month things are not changing a whole lot. Three winter storms are going to move into the mid section of the country this week alone, each bringing up to 10" of snow to areas of the Ohio River, Mississippi River and Atlantic seaboard.

I did a little research and found that out of fifteen cites only two have seen below normal snowfall this season. I am sure there are more than just two, but still an impressive statistic as both are only a couple inches below normal, nothing drastic. The table below is showing snowfall starting back in fall of 2013 and going all the way up to February 3rd. And some of the major cities back east have seen some of the snowiest winters in recent years.

City 2013-2014 Snow Average Snow Departure Last Year
Buffalo 81.8" 63.7" +18.1" 36.9"
Caribou 77.6" 62.8" +14.8" 43.2"
Detroit 59.9" 24.8" +35.1" 25.4"
Duluth 55.9" 54.5" +1.4" 33.9"
Chicago 52.6" 21.6" +31" 6"
Philadelphia 40.6" 11.3" +29.3" 5.1"
Minneapolis 39.7" 34.9" +4.8" 24"
Columbus 35.1" 16.1" +19" 24.6"
Boston 35.1" 24.4" +10.7" 9.4"
Salt Lake City 33.1" 35.9" -2.8" 52.4"
New York City 30.6" 12.1" +18.5" 6.6"
Fargo 26.1" 31.7" -5.6" 24.8"
Des Moines 23.8" 21.4" +2.4" 23.5"
Colorado Springs 21.3" 19.6" +1.7" 9.5"
Kansas City 14" 11.6" +2.4" 4.7"












Looking at the above snowfall totals, only one city has seen more snow last winter season. Salt Lake City, Utah is a few inches below normal for this season but this time last season they were up to 52" of snow.  This seems to be the case everywhere out west as a ridge has blocked most systems since December in the western half of the country.


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