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Today's Most:'Billy Bass' singing fish stops burglary

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TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Alarm System: Have you ever seen those singing fish novelty items? A store owner says he's sure his Billy Bass singing fish acted as an alarm and prevented a robbery.
Tom Allen owns an outdoors store called Hooked on Fishing in Rochester, Minnesota. He walked in to his store one morning and saw his front door busted, and his Billy Bass on the floor. He realized someone had broken in, but nothing was taken from the store.
Allen thinks Billy Bass probably started singing, as he's programmed to do, and the noise scared the burglar away. For the record, the singing fish is programmed to sing "Take me to the River" by Al Green.
The local sheriff said Billy Bass "took one for the team." The burglar did do $700 worth of damage do the door and the shop when he broke in.

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