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Today's Most Interesting Lawsuit: Hooters sues escort service for 'tarnishing brand'

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Lawsuit: When you think of Hooters, what do you think of? Well, Hooters sued an escort service for posting an ad on Craigslist that included a picture of Hooters girls in uniform. The ad said "NOW HIRING HOOTERS GIRLS $100 DOLLARS AN HOUR." Hooters did not give the service permission to use the picture, which was of Hooters girls from Ecuador.

Hooters sent a cease and desist letter to the escort service, which is based in Florida, saying "Your use of the term 'Hooters Girls' in conjunction with the picture of the Hooters Girls in their official uniforms strongly implies an association between Hooters and your company."

The escort service didn't take the ad down, and wrote back, basically taunting the restaurant chain, so Hooters sued. As part of the suit, Hooters claimed the ad damaged its reputation. For what it's worth, Nikki's Escort Service promises companionship for both men and women, and says anything beyond "is strictly between consenting adults."

Legal experts think this is a very interesting case, and are surprised Hooters went to the trouble to actually sue. Here's an article about some of the legal aspects of the case.

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