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Local group in dire need of volunteers to help seniors, disabled

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Interfaith Community Services provides help for seniors who need a little extra assistance. Now they are in need of help themselves. Lately, the nonprofit has had to cut back on rides because they don't have enough volunteers to meet the need, especially on the east side.  

One of their core services is providing free transportation to seniors and the disabled.  Volunteer drivers help them get to doctor appointments and run errands.  

Judy Taylor is 75 years old and has a couple of health issues making it hard for her to get around. She depends on drivers from ICS to help make her doctor appointments. "We need more drivers. I was able to have two drivers a week and now that has been cut down to one driver a week. I can usually get a driver, but periodically they can't." says Judy.

Barry Robinson was her driver today, taking her to a physical therapy appointment. Barry has been volunteering as a driver with ICS for a few years and says every minute has been worth it. "It's a simple thing to do, but it means a lot to the people receiving the service," says Barry.

ICS says seniors continue to be the fastest growing population in Pima County.  They provide transportation to more than 300 seniors.  Right now, they have about 120 volunteers trying to help each person with rides once or twice a week.

The group is noticing more calls from people on the east side in need of rides.  Also, as the summer months approach, their volunteers who are snowbirds leave, and the number of volunteers drops for them.  

Sandi Brickley, a volunteer resources manager with ICS says, "We don't have enough people on the east side. We have to cut further back, because of the lack of people volunteering over here."

They are looking for volunteers who live on the central or east side of town.  The main office for Interfaith Community Services is located on the Northwest side, but the group has a small office on the east side that they hope to expand in the future.  Volunteers do use their own cars and get reimbursed for their mileage.  If your interested in volunteering or know someone that click here for more information. 

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