Wildcat fans and romantic couples share Valentine's Day

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Valentine's day is one of the biggest nights for restaurants and bars throughout the city but on Friday many split the business between die-hard wildcats fans and couples.

The Frog and Firkin sports bar on University Boulevard welcomes plenty of wildcats fans on Valentine's Day but the bar wasn't without some romantic pairs.

"If there's a couple that wants to enjoy Valentine's Day with a U of A win, we got a spot for them," said Frog and Firkin manager Michael Owings.

A Scottsdale husband surprised his wife with a spontaneous trip to Wildcat territory. The couple met at the University of Arizona and make an effort to visit the campus when they can.

"She wanted to see the game," said Eric Fellows. "She did ask 'okay we're going somewhere for the weekend to some remote cabin where we won't get reception because we like to see the ASU - U of A game so I said, well actually we're going to be really close to the stadium, but not in Tempe," Eric Fellows said.

Farther south downtown, restaurants like the Cup Cafe at the Hotel Congress had a busy night too, with sumptuous desserts and a Valentine's Day menu prepared for guests.

"Oh we're completely sold out this evening. Even with the large game going on and even with all the other restaurants that are open, people love to come," Cup Cafe manager Karlen Ross said.

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