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Today's Most: Woman says store sells indecent t-shirts, then buys all of them

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TODAY'S MOST...Interesting shopping spree: A woman thought a t-shirt on display and for sale at a store was offensive and indecent. So she bought every single shirt available and that forced the store to take down the display.

Judy Cox went to a mall in Utah, and didn't like what she saw inside the PacSun store. The shirts had pictures of models posing without many clothes on. Cox complained to the store manager, who said the store would continue to sell the shirt unless the corporate office decided to make a change.

So, Cox bought all 19 t-shirts in stock. The shirts cost $28 each, so her bill was $567. She says she's going to return every single shirt before her 60-day window expires.

For a little background, this happened in an extremely conservative part of Utah where the vast majority of people are Mormons. The city of Orem, Utah actually has a law about "explicit sexual material" being on display, and the police say if Cox has an issue she needs to make a complaint.

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