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City responds to stuck streetcar problem

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

One of Tucson's streetcars held up Tuesday by a car improperly parked now has the city looking on how to alert drivers about dealing with street parking downtown to keep this from happening when the streetcar system goes live this summer.

A streetcar stuck behind a car parked too far away from the curb caused traffic to back up along Congress Street during rush hour Tuesday.

Street car workers tell us Wednesday this is not the first time a parked car has blocked the streetcar's path. SunLink General Manager, Steve Bethel said they are working on resolving the problem.

"We're working through these issues," Bethel said Wednesday. "We're going to meet with the transportation department and different departments within TDOT as well as set up a meeting to get a solid procedure together so that when we run into these illegally parked vehicles, we're able to deal with it in a much faster response time than we did yesterday."

In the incident Tuesday, city officials say the vehicle was 26 inches away from the curb. According to parking codes, cars parked on the street in Tucson must not be further than 18 inches from the curb.

Parkwise administrator, Donovan Durband, said in light of the situation, protocols need to be set in place in a timely manner to determine when a parked vehicle should be towed if it is blocking a streetcar from moving along the road.

Durband said city officials will be discussing the issue, but until those rules are decided on and put into place, city workers will look at each case individually to figure out what to do the next time this happens, which could include a citation or even towing the car.

Durband said signs are in the works to remind drivers parking along the streetcar routes to use caution in the area.

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