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TEP continues to warn about phone scammers

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

An old scam is taking aim at just about anyone in Tucson who has electricity. We first told you about it late last year, someone calls claiming to be with the power company threatening to turn off your power if you do not pay up a certain way. TEP said customers should still be on the lookout for the threat.

Law enforcement said these scammers are difficult to find. Tucson police and Pima County Sheriff detectives tell us they are aware of the scam. Each department has received numerous reports over the last year from folks all around Southern Arizona who said scammers targeted them.

Power company workers tell us scammers are not only targeting homes but also commercial businesses.

According to TEP, The impostors call claiming to be with the power company and threaten to shut off power if you do not buy a pre-paid debit card and call them back with the card information.

Although you should report it to authorities if you think you have been targeted, Pima County Sheriff Detective Tracy Suitt said scammers usually call from bogus numbers that are almost impossible to trace.

"The information that is provided to us, we look into it as thoroughly as possible." Suitt said Monday. "Coming up with a suspect a lot of times is very hard because most of the time it is done over the phone and sometimes it's being done out of the country." 

TEP officials said the power company sends out notices weeks in advance if they plan to shut off power for unpaid bills.

Additionally, TEP officials said if you get a call that does not sound right, hang up and call the utility company yourself.

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