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PDEQ contest to encourage proper tire inflation

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Vehicles with the correct tire pressure will improve not only gas mileage and save money at the pump, it could win drivers a little something extra from Pima County.

A contest has been set up by the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, challenging drivers to make sure their tires are correctly inflated.  The first step is to check the vehicle's door jamb for the proper tire pressure, then use a tire gauge to check the current tire pressure and if it needs air – fill it up. 

According to the Pima County DEQ the tire pressure should be checked every month, by doing this it could help reduce air pollution and save drivers money.

They are even offering a few facts about tires that many may not know – 80 percent of tire problems in the U.S. are due to improper inflation; under-inflated tires cost U.S. drivers $2 million gallons of gas a day; and tire monitoring systems (included in many newer vehicles) may not warn drivers until tires are up to 25 percent under inflated. 

The Pima County contest asks drivers to fill out an entry form after tracking their gas mileage and tire pressure for at least one month.  This can be done multiple times until the May 31 deadline, for each additional form submitted drivers improve their vehicle performance and have more chances to win the prizes.

Prizes like $500 toward a new set of tires, service packages worth $125, and Visa gift cards worth $100. 

For more information on the contest and to fill out the entry form click the following link - Pump Up Your MPG!

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