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Oro Valley to open 'walking' courses at Naranja Archery Park

Oro Valley archery range (Source: http://www.orovalleyaz.gov) Oro Valley archery range (Source: http://www.orovalleyaz.gov)
East walking course map (Source: http://www.orovalleyaz.gov) East walking course map (Source: http://www.orovalleyaz.gov)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Oro Valley will unveil new walking courses at the Naranja Park Archery Range this week.

There will be a ribbon cutting to mark the occasion on Feb. 26 at 4 p.m.

These two new courses mark the first additions to the park since the opening of the fixed range course in 2012. 

On hand for the ceremony will be Mayor Satish Hiremath, and Town Council Manager Greg Caton, plus staff from Parks and Recreation, and Arizona Game and Fish and members of the archery club.  There will be demonstrations at the west end of the fixed range and tours of the two new walking courses.

"The archery community has been so supportive of this project," Hiremath said in a recent release.  "We're pleased to add walking courses to our offerings so that Oro Valley becomes a hub of activity for archers of all ages and abilities."

The new walking courses are tournament-ready and will feature 14 targets per course, with distances varying from 10 to 80 feet and different styles of shooting and different terrain.  The courses were designed by Frank and Becky Pearson, owners of Frank Pearson School of Archery.   

The west course is an "up and back" course where the archer shoots a target into an open space, walks up to retrieve the arrow and goes back to the path. The east course has a rougher terrain and is a "walk through" course where the archer retrieves their arrow then walks through to the next target, similar to a golf course.

Funds for the new courses were provided by grant money from Arizona Game and Fish, a donation from the Pusch Ridge Archers, as well as discounts on target butts and various in-kind corporate sponsorships.  Oro Valley staff and volunteers also helped stretch funds by providing their own labor to build the walking paths. 

There will be an Archery Demo Day at Naranja Park, 660 W. Naranja Dr., on April 19.

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