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Tucson tech team creates tweeting soda machine

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

From "Coca-Cola" to "Tweet-a-Cola," some high tech hobbyists in Tucson are giving away free soda, using a vending machine plugged into the Internet. It is a cool concept, with a message about how we can do things online.

During a recent Make-a-Thon event, a team of six people created the first Tweet-to-pay soda machine. Tweeting the hashtag #azmakerhouse from anywhere in the world will now deliver a nice cold beverage at Maker House in Downtown Tucson. Although the idea might sound simple, the innovative machine created locally could change how things are done in the future.

The team refurbished the 1980's soda machine with an Ethernet connected Raspberry Pi computer and internal speakers to enable the social vending.

One team member said the idea of connecting social media with tangible goods could shape how companies do business in the future by attracting more traffic to social media websites and boost revenue.

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