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Teacher tribute: Jennifer Atteberry-Pierpont

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Jennifer Atteberry-Pierpont took early childhood education when she was a student at Canyon Del Oro High School.

"I had so much fun in this program as a student that I wanted to be able to go out and help future students become excited," she said.

Well, it looks like she's spot on. She's all about hands-on learning so students are constantly going from the classroom to pre-school right next door.

"I have the opportunity to teach, but then if I see something happening over here that's the perfect teachable moment for what I'm talking about, I at any second can say, 'Class we're moving into preschool and let's look at this opportunity.'"

The biggest perk for this working mom is getting to see her kids 'aha moments' in pre-school.

"Students are touching on every subject with these pre-schoolers, even taking them into the ER, where they're bandaging up their sick animals, hopefully translating into taking care of their friends in the future."

They've got a LEGO station for building, a science center where they're mixing oils and water, they cover writing and math with blocks.

"I'm all about giving them real world experience, real life experience and no where out there are we doing everything alone. We always have people helping us."

"I probably wouldn't have been able to do what I do now if she didn't help me. We write lesson plans and she'll help us fix them and make them better so we can give the kids the best possible lesson."

Carly, hoping to one day be a teacher that inspires, like the impression Mrs. Atteberry-Pierpont has made on her for the past three years.

Atteberry-Pierpont said it's all about getting kids excited about learning at a very young age. She hopes that'll keep the passion alive throughout their educational career.

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Copyright 2014 Tucson News Now All rights reserved.

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