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Additional paid holiday proposed for city employees

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A holiday in Cesar Chavez's name would cost about a half-milliondollars and make a total of eleven paid holiday.

Cesar Chavez is associated with human rights and winning better treatment forfarm workers.  Tucson city councilwoman Regina Romero said that citieslike Tempe and Phoenix have holidays for him; so should Tucson.

Chavez won union contracts that required a range of items forfarmworkers, from rest periods and clean drinking water to protective clothingagainst pesticides and comprehensive medical care.  The second of hisfasts for justice was in Arizona in 1972.

Originally, local unions had concerns about this proposed holidaybecause it was proposed that one of their floating holidays would be dedicatedfor this new one.  Now the councilwoman is presenting this as anadditional holiday, and points to the city manager's recommendation to approveit as proof that this is the right move.

"We add value to the city of Tucson when we act on these typesof issues.  We're seen as an immigrant-welcoming city, we're seen as anLGBT-friendly city, we're seen throughout the state and throughout the countryas a city that stands very solidly for the right thing," Romero said.

A paid holiday costs the city about a half-million dollars. Unions didn't speak up Monday about this latest move.  Some take thestance that they want what's best for their members but also want to make surethat the city's financially responsible.

Several councilmembers have said they'll vote for it.

Dolores Huerta, who co-founded United Farm workers Union withChavez will be in Tucson Tuesday to urge the council to approve it.

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