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Today's Most Update: 18-year old who sued parents loses in court

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TODAY'S MOST UPDATE: A judge just ruled a high school senior who sued her parents will not get $650 dollars a month in child support. Rachel Canning's parents also are not required to pay her tuition to her private high school while she finishes her senior year. 

The judge said, "Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?"

However, there will be another hearing in April to determine if Elizabeth and Sean Canning must pay for their daughter's college tuition.

Yesterday we told you about this unusual family fight. Rachel Canning, who is 18, sued her parents, asking a judge to force them to pay for her college education and her senior year in a private high school.

Rachel says her parents threw her out of their home in New Jersey and cut off all financial support when she turned eighteen late last year. Her parents say the honor student and cheerleader chose to leave because she didn't want to follow their rules.

Her dad is a former police chief, and says "we love our child and miss her. This is terrible. It's killing me and my wife. We have a child we want home. We're not Draconian and now we're getting hauled into court." 

Rachel now lives at her best friend's house, and that best friend's parents are paying for her lawyer. In court papers, Rachel's school supports her, saying they've had difficult interactions with her parents and actually called New Jersey's Division of Child Protection about the situation.

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