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Warmest Winter on record

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Meteorological Winter has come to a close (ending February 28th).  Vernal equinox (Spring) doesn't officially begin until March 20th. However, when it comes to our climate data, Winter is over, and the results are in.

The 2013-2014 Winter season was the warmest on record in Tucson.  It was the 3rd warmest January, and 2nd warmest February. Here's the breakdown from the National Weather Service -








Our average high temperature from December 1st through February 28th was 71.1° (4.9° above average).

Our average low temperature was 42.8° (2.5° above average)

Our average overall temperature was 56.9° (3.7° above average). This broke the old record of 56.6° in the Winter of 1980-81, making 2013-2014 the warmest Winter recorded.

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