WIldcat Football holds NFL Pro Day

TUCSON, Ariz. – Arizona football and head coach Rich Rodriguez held annual NFL Pro Timing Day on Thursday at Arizona Stadium. Below is a transcript from players meeting with the media.

Running Back Ka'Deem Carey

On what professional scouts are telling him:

"My resume is the film. You just keep working hard and that's what I am going to do."

On his experience at the NFL Combine:

"It was a great experience talking to coaches. The interview was a lot of questions about on the field, off the field, random questions that they try to throw you off your rocker. That's what they were trying to do but they didn't do it. As a result, coaches came up to me and said I had great interviews down there, so that's definitely a plus for me."

On if he can tell if there are certain teams more interested in him:

"I can't tell at this stage. In the next couple of days, they will call me for private workouts. That's when you'll get a better taste of it. Who knows in this draft? They could do a trade and get you at the last second."

On what type of team he wants to be on:

"A team that wants to win. I definitely always strive to win championships. I want to be surrounded by a group that is hungry and motivated to achieve its goals. An example would be like the Seahawks. I just love the way they have passion for the game. Their food is the ball. They just wanted to win. Any team that symbolizes that would be perfect."

On what teams want to know about him:

"They want to know my personality – am I a knucklehead, do I go out and start drama. They got a good taste of that when I was in Indiana and saw what type of person that I am and the type of character that I can bring to the team."

On the positive comments from Rich Rodriguez

"It makes me feel good. It definitely makes me feel like I'm actually a pretty good player because all of this training and you run this or you lift that or you jump that can kind of downgrade you as a football player or makes you think twice if you're a good football player. Coach Rod standing with me, I love it. I would do the same thing for him. We work together as a combo. He knows how valuable I am."

On teammates he saw do well today:

"Shaq Richardson, Marquis Flowers, those are people that have been making plays for us all year. They came out and showed out. I was happy to see that. They needed that and that's exactly what they did and left satisfied."

On if he has to explain how running back plays work in interviews

"Teams definitely want to see if you know football and speak football to them, so they put me up on the board. It was blocking schemes, one to two to three were my reads and what holes am I looking for, the plays and gap coverages. I give all credit to Coach (Calvin) Magee. He taught me well while I was here and put me up on the board and made sure I understood football, not only hit the hole but also understand what's happening on defense."

On where he will be on draft day:

"I will be in Tucson with my family watching the draft. That's exciting."

On where he wants to make the most improvement leading up the draft:

"Fundamentals of pass blocking. I pick it up well. I can read it well. I know what's going on but I want the fundamentals to just stand in front of somebody and hit them dead in the chest and say you're not going anywhere. That's what I need to work on and I told the scouts that while I was down here."

Quarterback B.J. Denker

On if he feels like a legitimate prospect

"I have no idea. I haven't seen anyone else's pro day. I watched the combine a little bit. I just focused on throwing the ball as well as I could. I felt the NFL balls were a lot easier to throw for some weird reason than college football, which was good. I'm just going out there, doing what I can do and see what happens."

On his process of preparing for the draft:

"Hopefully after this I'll get another workout. They'll probably go over the tape. Now they're going to watch film from the season and hopefully I'll get an individual workout or something and have another opportunity."

On his chance to play in the NFL:

"Everyone told me I couldn't play in college but I did that. Maybe if someone tells me I can't play in the NFL it'll jinx me to being able to. It doesn't matter to me. I'll play anywhere. I'll go play in Canada, Europe, travel the world."

On wanting to become a coach:

"When you're a quarterback, you're an extension of the coaching staff on the field. Guys look up to you automatically from a position standpoint. You have to be a leader. I've been a quarterback for 10-plus years. It just comes natural to me. So many coaches in my life have made such a big impact and I wouldn't be the player that I am today. I want to make that same impact on somebody younger."

On how Ka'Deem Carey did:

"I saw all of his drills. He was right before me. It was alphabetical, Carey and Denker. I saw everything. He's Ka'Deem. To be honest, I don't even think he needs to go through this process. Just turn on the film in my eyes. He's the best running back in the country. I don't care how many times you can rep 225 pounds. Turn on the film so every player, coach and scout can know how good he is."

On his most impressive event:

I think I did well on the broad jump. I increased it by four inches or so from the mock. Some people say that's a bigger indicator of explosion and speed than your 40. My biggest focus was throwing the ball well. I thought I threw it pretty well."

Defensive Lineman Tevin Hood

On pro day:

"It was a really professional atmosphere. I feel like we went out there and showed what we could do."

On what he wanted to prove:

"I definitely wanted to show that I have the speed despite my size, that I have explosiveness and strength and that my lack of height is not an issue."

On what people have said about his height:

"Back in high school I heard about it. Now, you don't hear about it as much because there are a lot of shorter players in the league. Measuring under six foot as in interior d-lineman is basically an asterisk next to your name. As long as you can perform and show that you have the skills necessary to do the job, it's not too big of a deal."

On his numbers:

"I was out there moving. I weighed in at 315 and ran a 5.02, unofficial 40. That's pretty good for that weight. Other than that, I was happy with what I did."

On four years of football coming down to pro day:

"It's actually really crazy to think about. All the years of preparation, the practices and all the injuries, healing, meetings and long hours of labor come down to this three hour session on the field. It's cool to see it all come to that."

Pic Courtesy: Arizona Athletics