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Proposed puppy ordinance has more bark than bite

The Tucson City Council is considering banning the sale of dogs that come from so-called puppy mills.

It's a noble effort, but will this ordinance really do any good?  Ours would be less restrictive than similar ordinances, such as Chicago's, which was approved this week.

Hopefully, most reputable pet stores don't deal with puppy mills.  If they do, they're not going to admit it, and spotting these kinds of dogs isn't foolproof.  Not to mention - how do we enforce the law?      

Some pet store owners here in southern Arizona say this proposal could put them out of business.

Also, there's some question whether this ordinance will even pass the Council. 

Think about this.  If we really want to shut down businesses that sell dogs from "puppy mills" then the best solution is for us - the customers - to stop buying dogs. We should be fighting animal cruelty and overpopulation by getting our pets from local shelters. Now that would be good for the animals.


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