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Family members remember Roman Barreras at memorial

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Family members gathered to mourn the death of a Tucson toddler whose remains were found at a south side home.

Dozens of family members held a vigil at the home Friday night, where a memorial grows with flowers, balloons and toys bestowed from the public everyday.

Members of the Tucson-based non-profit support group Homicide Survivors accompanied the family who gathered at the memorial to remember Barreras.

"They're very appreciative of how the community is reaching out, sharing in their loss in their grief and their horror and supporting them," said Carol Gaxiola, Director of Homicide Survivors.

It is unknown when family members could hold a funeral service for the boy, whose body is still under a forensics investigation.

In the meantime, the family lit candles and said a prayer for Barreras before leaving the site.

"It's incomprehensible that another solution couldn't have been found for problems, for difficulties; and there are loving, caring people who would have opened their arms to this baby and they're bereft. Their hearts have been torn apart," Gaxiola said.

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