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Improvement work begins at the TCC

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Maintenance crews with floor wax were polishing the floor of the Tucson Convention Center arena Monday.  But the TCC arena needs more than a floor waxing, and it's finally getting it.  Broken chairs in the upper level, bathrooms that don't accommodate those with physical challenges and concessions that could use some freshening up, are getting an almost $8 million dollar facelift.

Next door, in the exhibition hall that holds the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair, Amy Boynton, who was helping her daughter set up a science fair display, said that the upgrades are needed, even if the price tag seems steep to her.

"It's a little dated.  But, it's okay.  Parking is a nightmare," Boynton said.

"What we're doing now is the fan amenities so that when we do get the events that are appropriate for this market, the fans can go in there and enjoy their experience instead of ripping their pants on the edge of a chair," said Ward Six Tucson City Council member Steve Kozachik.

Kozachik pointed out that the city and Rio Nuevo, which handles state tax revenue collected locally and spends it on projects that help local business, cooperated on improving the TCC.  While the $7.8 million for the current work is coming from Rio Nuevo, the city bought new retractable bleachers on the arena's lower level and upgrades to the climate system.

"We're now starting to see some positive fallout from the relationship and let's just keep it going," Kozachik said.

The work is expected to go through the end of December and upgrade facilities throughout the TCC.

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