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Vandalized TUSD buses ready for student transport

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Tucson Unified SchoolDistrict expects to have its buses once again running on a normal schedule thismorning, after nearly a dozen of them were vandalized over the weekend onTucson's eastside.

Tucson Police are activelysearching for a suspect or suspects responsible for the vandalism of 11 schoolbuses, while they were in the TUSD bus yard at Broadway and Harrison Road.

Damage to windshields andwindows caused a delay on Monday to two schools, Collier Elementary and SabinoHigh school.  According to TUSD four ofthe buses vandalized were fairly new, with only 6,000 miles on theodometer. 

Vandals had to have thrownrocks over a ten foot high fence, according to TUSD officials, in order todamage the windows and windshields of the buses.  One of the rocks found close to the buses wasalmost the size of a soccer ball. 

TUSD is saying repairs tothe windows and windshields have been made and the buses are expected to beready to transport students this morning.

Those with informationabout this incident or saw something suspicious in the bus yard are asked tocall 911 or 88-CRIME.

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