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Reaction to puppy ordinance editorial

Last week's "Think About It" segment that looked at a proposed "Puppy Mill" ordinance in Tucson generated a lot of response. 

We said it wasn't restrictive enough, it would be hard to enforce, and pet lovers should just adopt their animals from shelters.

Dave said he agreed.  "People should get their pets from a shelter instead of paying for them in a pet store. There are countless animals facing euthanasia in shelters."

Claudia said, "Adoption with a fee should be the only way to get pets."

Paul said in an e-mail, "I wish your call would have included rescue organizations.  They work exceptionally hard finding new homes for these animals."

But another e-mail disagreed.  Mauda said, "Your editorial was misguided.  The proposed Tucson law is not perfect - but it is a beginning." 

She went on to say, "People, especially with children in tow, do not think rationally in a pet store. They see a cute puppy or kitten and often give in to their kids." 

Marcia said, "The goal of eliminating puppy mills will be difficult but certainly worth our efforts."

And Jacquie said, "If every city had this ordinance, the puppy mills would have a hard time surviving."

Thanks for your comments.  We'll let you know what happens with the proposed ordinance. 


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