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Border security expo shows off latest, greatest technology

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At the border security expo downtown, our cameras got a look at high-tech drones, cameras, you name it - all designed to keep our borders secure.  

Anywhere you go at this border security expo, you can bet you're being watched. But that's really the whole idea.

From surveillance to facial recognition to tunnel exploration, the innovations - and price tags - appear limitless. The target demographic? 

"People with a lot of money and government officials," said Patricio Canavati with TPS Global, a new Austin, TX, based armored car manufacturer hoping to catch the eye of Border Patrol. 

"We do 45 percent government, 55 percent private sector, and in the private sector we're looking at individuals who own companies or CEOs," Canavati said.

They had a heavily damaged SUV on display, riddled with bullet holes. A Mexican government official was inside when cartel members attacked. 

"There were 2,700 bullet shots on the scene from rounds of 50 caliber, AR-15, 12 gauge shotguns and six grenades," Canavati said.

The official walked away with only a few bruises. Canavati said the steel plates and 16 layers of glass in each window did exactly what they were designed to do - stop bullets, and even grenades, in their tracks.  

"We've had 22 cases where our clients have been assaulted and thank God none of them have suffered any injuries," Canavati said. Their cars range from $100,000 to $220,000. 

"Statistics say from the department of justice 30 percent of the time their weapons are used against them," said G Squared Consulting co-founder Greg Williams. To protect them from their own Tasers and stun guns, the Tucson-based company wants to equip every officer with their shock-resistant clothing. 

"We do not sell to consumers, it was designed to protect those who protect us," Williams said.

The cloth is made from multi-thread fabric and they said several agencies have already bought the goods. 

"Hawaii, Chicago, Arizona, Florida, New York," Williams said.

A shirt will cost an agency $110 to 130, but they said it's worth it if it means adding another layer of defense to a uniform that's anything but ordinary. 

"It's our home state, so just as Taser is in Phoenix, we're in Tucson, so ironically enough, a great offensive is in Phoenix and a great defense is in Tucson," Williams said.

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