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Third streetcar undergoes high speed brake testing

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A street closure is in effect from midnight until 5 AM on University Boulevard,between Fourth Avenue and Euclid street.  Sun Link officials said theyplanned to weigh down the street car and run it at 43 miles an hour, then tryto stop it, to test out the brakes.

It is part of routine testing all street cars will under-go beforethey are given the green light to go into passenger service.  This is thethird street car that is undergoing the test. 

Sun Link officials said the posted speed limits are 25 miles onthe street, and the street car would never travel that fast but this is justfor testing purposes.

Residents living in the area were told to move their vehicles, if they parkedoutside on the street.  Most residents said they slept right through thetesting, but some light sleepers said it woke them up at night.

"I bought ear plugs, a small packet of, and I put those in," saidJennifer Munley who lived right across the street from the street car stop onUniversity and Fourth Avenue.

Downtown resident Aaron Larsh said he did not hear the streetcars, the trains usually were what woke him up at night.

Chantel Osborne, whoalso lived across the streetcar stop said she heard the tests, but was relievedto know they were taking place, as a future street car rider, it gave her peaceof mind.

"What I hear isthe ringing of the bells and sometimes when they start and stop they can beloud, otherwise you just hear a small whizz as they go by," said Osborne.

Sun Link staff said fiveother street cars will go through similar testing in the spring and summermonths. 

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