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Streetcar brake testing wraps up downtown

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Sun Link crews had a veryearly and very busy morning in downtown Tucson, wrapping up one of the testsfor the streetcar.

High speed testing wasconducted earlier this morning along University Blvd. from 4th Ave. to Euclid.Community members were asked to not park their vehicles in the area due to thetesting, which should be wrapping up soon.

According to the safetycoordinator on site, the streetcar is being tested at speeds up to 43 miles perhour, however this will not be the average speed the car travels.  The fastest the streetcar will go is 25 milesper hour.  This test is to find out howwell the brakes work, said Sun Link officials. 

During testing thismorning there were operators on the streetcar with testing equipment, andsandbags weighing about 20,000 pounds, to simulate a full load of passengers.

"I'm glad they aredoing testing, to make it safe for residents," said Jennifer Munley adowntown resident, who was also disappointed at how loud the streetcar was andhow bright the stations were.

Barricades were still uparound 5 a.m. but should be clear for the morning commute.

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