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Today's Most: Government worker steals over $460,000 in quarters

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Today's Most...Unusual Stealing Spree: A man who works for a town government in New Jersey admitted to stealing over four hundred thousand dollars in quarters.

Thomas Rica stole $460,000 from the village of Ridgewood. He routinely went into the village's coin collection room, and then walked out with bunches of quarters. The village received the quarters when people paid for parking meters.

Rica would go to different banks and coin machines all over town to exchange the coins for cash. All told, he stole 1.8 million quarters in the span of 25 months.

Rica was originally arrested, and charged with simply stealing $500 worth of quarters. But an investigation that lasted a year discovered just how much he'd stolen.

Rica will not spend any time in jail. Instead, he promises to repay all of the money. He made $86,000 a year as Ridgewood's public works inspector during his stealing spree.

By the way, all those quarters he took weighed over eleven tons.

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