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Match Day; UA medical student to stay in Tucson for residency

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Medical school students across the country are enjoying the fruits of their labor this weekend after Match Day revealed where they'll do their residencies.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson held its 33rd annual Match Day on Friday, where 117 medical students participated in the event, as their family and friends looked on.

Fourth year UA medical student Myles Stone applied for residency programs in the southwest with the hope that he would be chosen at his alma mater. On Friday, before hundreds of people, Stone opened his envelope and found out his wish came true.

"It was the culmination of four years for all of us," Stone said.

Stone said he not be happier to stay in Tucson, where he grew up. He attended the University of California, San Diego to study bioengineering for his undergraduate degree but returned to the Old Pueblo to pursue medicine.

Stone will start his residency in family medicine at UA this July and said roughly a third of his class were chosen to do their residencies at UA too.

"Residency spots are really where you see the doctor staying. People go to med school and they get sent all over the country for residency and where they go for residency is a much better indicator of where they're going to end up practicing," Stone said.

But medicine hasn't been Stone's only endeavor. He co-founded local downtown brewery Borderlands Brewing Company, which started out as a fluke.

"I was in the first year of medical school and one of my professors had just gotten married and they had a whole bunch of home brew equipment that is wife said they didn't need in their garage anymore. So he was telling me that as a joke and I said, 'well if you need to get rid of it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands," Stone said.

Years later, Stone's friend and business partner, a microbiologist at UA, worked with a growing staff to make Borderlands one of Tucson's largest local beer breweries.

In addition to managing this enterprise, Stone said he wanted to stay in Tucson to practice medicine so he could continue working closely with border communities and surrounding reservations -- places he said are in need of quality health care.

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