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TPD seeking information in gang-related murder

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Information is still very limited surrounding Tucson's latest murder.

34 year old Marshall Davis was shot to death last Friday night outside a midtown apartment near Speedway and Dodge.

Davis didn't live at Country View Apartments, 3666 East Second Street. But he did have a number of friends who did. Those are the people who might have a better idea what happened to him that night.

Any given afternoon, it's pretty quiet at Country View Apartments.

But last Friday night was anything but quiet shortly after 11 PM.

"Nine shots right outside of our window."

That's Jason Beach, who was asleep with his wife and newborn child when shots rang out just feet from their bedroom window.

"My wife and kids stayed in the house.  I went out front.  Heard people screaming, women screaming, men screaming," Beach said.  "And a gentleman got murdered -- somebody shot him between the eyes."

That man was 34 year old Marshall Davis.

Police say he has known gang ties and may have been targeted for that very reason Friday night.

Still, they have no idea who pulled the trigger.

"Bottom line here is we don't have a whole lot of information," says Sgt. Chris Widmer of Tucson Police Department.

That's why they're turning to you for help.

"So we are asking for the public's help, someone who was there, someone who knows someone who was there, someone who's hearing come forward and just give us any information they've got," Widmer says.

We asked several people at the complex what, if anything they've heard about the shooting.

Most didn't want to talk about it in fear of retaliation, even those who know nothing about the victim or what happened here Friday night.

"When you heard it's gang-related, what goes through your mind?" KOLD asked Jason Beach.

"That scares me.  When I was walking down the street...I was thinking, am I wearing the wrong color today? Am I gonna get shot? It's bad.  It's scary," Beach said.

If you have any information about what happened outside Country View Apartments March 21st between 11 and 11:30 PM, call 911 or 88 Crime.

A reward up to $1,000 will go to the person whose tip leads to an arrest in this unsolved case.

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