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Moon and Venus look like neighbors in Thursday morning sky

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Image credit: Ed Erbeck Jr. Image credit: Ed Erbeck Jr.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The planet Venus and Earth's moon will look like neighbors in the morning sky on Thursday. 

The moon and Venus will rise together in the eastern sky just after 4 a.m. That allows for nearly two hours of star- and moon gazing with sunrise in Tucson happening at 6:18 a.m.

The moon and Venus in reality are very far apart in space.

According to "Venus is nearly 300 times farther away than the moon {from Earth} on the morning of March 27." 

The moon and Venus shine bright in the morning sky by reflecting sunlight.  

On Thursday morning just a sliver of the moon will reflect the sunlight because the rest of the moon is hidden in the shadow of the Earth. 

However, the sunlight reflecting off Earth will allow viewers to see the entire disc of the moon, although faintly, in the sky. 

This re-reflection of sunlight by Earth then the moon is known as 'earth shine.'

The See It, Snap It, Send It below was sent to early Thursday morning. 

Ed Erbeck Jr. in Pearce, Cochise County snapped the picture.

The image clearly shows the crescent moon with earthshine lightning up the rest it. 

Plus to the right of the moon, the bright light is Venus. 

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