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Today's Most: Man arrested for spending $25k deposited in his bank account by accident

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TODAY'S MOST...Criminal shopping spree: An 18-year old was just arrested for spending twenty-five thousand dollars that was deposited in his account by accident. Steven Fields turned himself in on Friday. His initial excuse was that all the money came from an inheritance.

This all started earlier this month, when another person named Steven Fields went into a bank in Hull, Georgia and deposited $31,000. Someone at the bank made a mistake and put all that money into the 18-year old's account.

Ten days later, the man who deposited all the money went in and realized it wasn't in his account, and the bank realized its mistake. In those ten days, the 18-year old had withdrawn $20,000 from the account and charged $5,000 on his debit card. He apparently bought a used BMW, as well as a lot of clothes and food.

A bank employee confronted Fields when he came to withdraw more money, and he said the money was inheritance from his grandmother. When a sheriff's deputy showed up at his door and asked him about the situation, he again claimed it was inheritance. 

The sheriff's department ultimately gave Fields a deadline to return the money, and he didn't pay any money back. Then they tried to work out some type of repayment plan, but couldn't. Now he's charged with theft.

Here's an interesting side note: Four years ago Fields posted this quote on his Facebook page: "life is like a coin. you can spend it in any way you wish, but you only spend it once."

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