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New IPCC report highlights climate change impacts

This week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) approved part two of a comprehensive report on the science of climate change.  

Warmer global temperatures are affecting how and where we live in both positive and negative ways, and that is what part two of the three part IPCC report explores.

Here in the Southwest the big concerns are drought, fresh water availability, and wildfire risk.

All of these factors are affected by warmer average yearly temperatures, usually in a bad way for Arizona.  

Part one of the IPCC, which was simply a review of the current science, was released last fall. 

Part three is scheduled for approval in less than two weeks. This last section focuses on mitigation strategies.  

It is a review of how we can reduce the severity of climate change now and for future generations.  

For the full reports visit the IPCC homepage

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