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March 2014 weather recap

Three months down and nine to go. We know this year has been warm and dry and that trend continued right on into March, even though we did see rainfall. This past March was the 6th warmest on record and the 50th wettest. The average temperature was 64.4° and we had .58" of rain in the beginning of the month.

March Stats March Normals Departure
Average High 78.5° 74.1° 4.4°
Average Low 50.4° 46.2° 4.2°
Average Temp 64.4° 60.1° 4.3°
Rainfall .58" .73" -.15"

Interesting side note, this was the first March ever without a low at 45° or lower. With that being the case we went 49 days without a low temperature below normal. February 6th through March 27th we were above normal for lows and majority of the afternoons were above the normal high.

2014 Stats Year Normal Departure
Average High 75.3° 69.5° 5.8°
Average Low 46.2° 42.8° 3.4°
Average Temp 60.8° 56.1° 4.7°
Rainfall .59" 2.53" -1.94"
Water Year (Oct-Mar) 3.64" 4.94" -1.30"

When looking ahead to April, our high temperature starts to sky rocket into the upper 80s and overnight lows will warm up into the mid 50s.  But April starts Tucson's dry season with an average amount of rain at .31". We will stay relativity dry until monsoon kicks into gear in July.

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