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Mars bright in sky, closest to Earth next week

Source: NASA Source: NASA

Each minute it takes to read this story, the distance between Mars and Earth shrinks by about 186 miles. 

That distance is growing smaller and smaller through April 14 when Mars will be closest to Earth. 

The two planets will be a little over 57 million miles apart. In the vastness of space, that is actually a relatively narrow distance.

April 14 is also a big night for the moon. 

total lunar eclipse will appear in the sky, making the moon appear similar to the reddish brown color sparkling from Mars. 

On Tuesday April 8, the Mars opposition occurred in the sky. This is when Mars and the sun line-up with the Earth right in-between.  Astronomers call this event an 'opposition' because Mars is opposite the Sun as seen from Earth.  The opposition of Mars happens once every 26 months.  

The combination of the Mars opposition along with its 'close' encounter to Earth, make the Red Planet the brightest in the sky for the year.  

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