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Warm weather brings out some venomous residents

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's that time of year - spring, when the weather starts warming up and people are spending more time outdoors enjoying hiking and other activities.

Arizona Game and Fish want to remind residents that they are not the only ones enjoying the warmer weather.  Some of the state's more poisonous creatures, like snakes and scorpions are also enjoying the warm up. 

AZ Game and Fish officials also want residents to remember one simple rule when outside - know where they are placing their hands and feet.  This simple rule can help everyone avoid a number of potentially dangerous encounters. 

Animals like snakes, scorpions, spiders and lizards (like the Gila Monster) are also going to become increasingly active as the weather warms. 

During the hottest days of summer, most rattlesnakes will be more active during the evening and seek shelter during the day.  There are 16 species of rattlesnakes in the U.S. and 13 of them call Arizona home. 

If bitten by a rattlesnake there are two things to keep in mind, says Arizona Game and Fish the first is get medical attention right away and the second is a cell phone.  It can be one of the most important pieces of first aid equipment.

Check out the Desert Dwellers slide show here - http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/slideshow?widgetID=57927&clienttype=generic&mobilecgbypass to see just what might be sharing that warm outdoor weather.

Arizona Game and Fish also has a brochure 'Living with venomous animals', to access it click the following link - http://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/documents/LWVR_2004.pdf

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