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Today's Most: Teacher finds $11,000, and returns the money

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TODAY'S MOST...Moral and honest teacher: An elementary school teacher found a bag with thousands of dollars in it, and she turned in the money.

Sherry Whitesides was driving with her son in South Carolina when a bag flew out of a car in front of them, and that driver never turned around. Sherry pulled over, got out and picked up the bag. Inside, she found 114 hundred dollar bills.

She took an epic selfie with her 12-year old son Alan and all the money, but then made the decision to go to the local police department and give the $11,400 to them. "It wasn't mine, I didn't deserve it, I didn't do anything to get it." she said.

Even the local police chief was surprised, saying "it's non-traceable and probably would have never figured out where it went to."

Police ultimately were able to track down the man who owned the bag and the money, and returned it.

Sherry says she has no regrets. 


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