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Northwest hit-and-run investigation prompts road safety analysis

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Pima County Sheriff's Investigators are still looking for the driver who hit a boy as he was riding his bike in the northwest side Thursday night.

Investigators with the department's traffic unit stated the driver may have been in a white sedan.

Meantime, several people who live near the intersection of Shannon Road and Curtis Road where the accident happened, said they believe a traffic signal could help improve safety there.

The intersection is currently a two-way stop with a HAWK signal crosswalk for pedestrians.

Ammie Felix said she and her son were crossing the street there when they experienced a close call themselves.

"I always make sure my son looks both ways and we pushed the button and the little walk guy came on the screen and we went to go walking and somebody just ran it and if I hadn't had a hold of my son, he would have been hit," Felix said.

Sheriff's investigators said the boy who was riding his bike Thursday night did everything right by wearing his helmet and activating the HAWK light signal as he crossed.

Pima County District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller provided a statement regarding any measures to assess the safety of the Shannon Road and Curtis Road intersection:

"I have asked the Department of Transportation to be please review the area to see if any pedestrian safety enhancements can be done, or if the area does in fact warrant a traffic light. My office logs all of the calls that we receive regarding road issues and we have not received any for this intersection. It is a very sad occurrence that the young boy was struck while riding in a designated cross-walk and that the driver fled the scene. I am praying for his speedy recovery. There is an ongoing investigation by the Sheriff's Department and I urge anyone with information to call 911 or 88-CRIME."

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