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Remembering a UA student who died after a fall

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Today will be the first day back to class since a University of Arizona student died from injuries after a fall from a building on campus.  

It happened at the La Paz dorm, where a makeshift memorial honors 19-year-old Michael Evan Anderson, sits just outside the hall.

University of Arizona Police are saying the 19-year-old had been climbing a tower on top of the dorm building with a friend, when he fell. The incident happened shortly before 4 a.m. last Friday, April 4. 

A lot of students are quite shaken up about Anderson's death, and University of Arizona counselors have been on hand to talk with residents about what happened.

Phi Gamma Delta, the fraternity Anderson belonged to is working on a formal memorial to honor him.

Stay with Tucson News Now for updates on when and where this memorial will happen.

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