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Does'Skinnee Pix' app developed in Phoenix make selfies more bearable?

A new app developed right here in Phoenix could help you look your best. 

"You take a picture, especially in a group of women, often, and someone says, 'Oh, use the skinny lens,'" said Robin Phillips.

After years of taking pictures with their friends, Phillips and Sue Green had an idea to make the age of the "selfie" a little easier.  

"We thought, 'well wait a minute, why don't we just make the skinny lens?'" Phillips said.

Then, the app, Skinnee Pix, was born. You snap a picture, and decide whether you want to take five, 10, or 15 pounds off with the touch of a finger.

"[It] identifies your face, isolates it from the background and then just thins it out a little bit," Phillips said.

"The first step was seeing the picture of me 15 pounds lighter," Green said. She told us she wants this app to be motivate, rather than instill a negative body image. 

"I don't think we want to go over 15 because I do think that the way to lose weight is by slowly working your way through that," Phillips said.

We went to Mane Attraction Salon in Phoenix to see what people thought of the app.

"Being in the beauty industry and self image industry, it's something I think that probably wouldn't be healthy if someone obsessed over it," said owner Kendall Ong.

"I think it'd be great for people trying to set realistic goals for themselves, just to see where they're at," said Shannon Taylor.

"I do think some people could take it too far so it could go either way," said Christina Toth. 

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