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Rally held to support mother, families separated by deportation

Herminia Gallego speaks at the rally. Herminia Gallego speaks at the rally.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

For the 17th day Herminia Gallego sits inside the St. Augustine  Cathedral in downtown Tucson.

She's doing this because she is worried about the deportation of her daughter, Rosy Rojas.

Today a rally took place outside the St. Augustine  Cathedral, asking Tucson Bishop Gerald Kicanas to take action to secure the release of her daughter and to call to attention immigrant issues.

Supporters filled the front of the church and held up signs saying "Bring them all home."

Herminia says she crossed the border with her 20 year old daughter Rosy, and her 13 year old Fatima.

They asked for humanitarian asylum. Herminia says she and her youngest daughter were allowed to stay while their case processes, but Rosy had to be detained.

Herminia says her daughter's being held at the Eloy Detention Center for six months with no word on when she'll be let out.

Her daughter appeared in immigration court this morning for a bond hearing, but the judge did not set a bond.

The news was devastating to hear for Herminia.

"This day I was looking forward to with so much hope andso much faith, that they would give Rosy the chance to get out. I really didn'texpect this. I didn't expect that the judge would have to think about it, " Herminia says.

The judge is expected to make a decision on the bond within the next seven days. As for Herminia, she says she will continue to stay in the church until her daughter is released.

A spokeswoman for the church says at this time they have no intention on asking Herminia leave.

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