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Grocery store key in attracting downtown residents

Here's another sign that the resurgence in downtown Tucson is really happening. After about a half of a century, a full-service grocery store is opening in the area! 

It will be in the 6,000-square foot building at 6th and Congress. It formerly housed Beowulf Theatre and before that Johnny Gibson's place. Gibson was a longtime downtown businessman.   

The families that own the Rincon and Tubac markets will join forces with the Gibson family to open the store.

This is exactly what downtown Tucson needs. We have great entertainment with restaurants and bars. The modern streetcar is coming. There are talks of a hotel. And despite the naysayers, you can find a place to park. But one of the main problems in attracting people to live downtown has been the lack of a full service grocery store.

The Cisek and Abbott families have been in the grocery business for a long time and know what they are doing. Yes, they are taking a risk. But they are giving Tucson what it really needs. They deserve our thanks for stepping up to the plate.

The Johnny Gibson's downtown market will open around Dec. 1. Let's support it!       

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