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Reboot Tucson shakes up downtown

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Community members meet up at the Reboot Tucson event. Community members meet up at the Reboot Tucson event.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Reboot Tucson was the focus in downtown Tucson Saturday with entrepreneurs, business leaders and students coming together to spark innovation in the area.

It could mean big things for southern Arizona.

As part of the summit, people spent the day figuring out the possible future for empty lots to boost Tucson's economy.

Participants created all sorts of ideas using 3D model technology including skyscrapers, shopping areas and even parks. Organizers say getting people to be a part of creating Tucson's future makes them care more.

Saturday's goal was to refocus the community for innovation and action, focusing on three key areas: economic development, the environment and culture.

Organizers like Steven Eiselen want to tap into the resources available right now to allow Tucson to thrive.

"It's about rebooting the city," Eiselen said. "It's about bringing in the voices of downtown merchants and young adults and young entrepreneurs. Right now Tucson has a major brain drain issue and what the city needs right now, in addition to infrastructure and investment, is new people coming in, young professionals and young entrepreneurs."

For those involved, the goal of Reboot Tucson is to create a better future for the city.

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