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Next level Cougars

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - On Monday 20 Sahuaro student athletes from 5 different sports signed their LOI's as they will take their game to the next level. The headliner of the group was Alex Verdugo who not only signed his letter of intention to play baseball for Arizona State, but he is leaving the option open to opt out and pursue his dream to play in the big leagues.

Click on the video link above to hear their story. Below is the list of each student athlete and where they are headed


                Jasmine Simmons           University of Arizona

                Beanna Parkinson           Dixie State

                Alex Rojo                            Pima Community College

                James McWilliams          Pima Community College


                Amy Bergeson                  New Mexico State University

                Brooklyn Misenheimer University of North Texas

                Amanda Nicholas            University of Nevada – Reno

                Gina Snyder                       Purdue University

                Hannah Gradillas             University of St Mary

                Baylee Beardshear          University of Montana – Great Falls


                Vinnie Tarantola              Pima Community College

                Jake Northrup                   Pima Community College

                Justin Hammergren        Pima Community College

                Alex Verdugo                    Arizona State University

                Winston Welch                 New Mexico Militiary Institute

                Hunter Green                    South Mountain Community College


                Cole Sterns                         Northern Arizona University

                Michael Brewer                    Pima Community College

                Jerry Ruiz                            Pima Community College



                Rachel Blount                    Pima Girls Golf

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