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Best Start to Severe Weather Season in 12 Years

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We haven't had a single fatality across the U.S. from a tornado this year, making it the best start since 2002.

The brutal Winter and "polar vortex" in the Midwest has actually turned out beneficial this Spring. Dry and cold air took over most of the country in the last few months (meanwhile, southern AZ had the warmest Winter on record).  With the lack of low level warm and moist air, storm systems have not been as intense across the Midwest.  

According to the Storm Prediction Center, we've had the lowest number of EF-1 tornadoes or greater in the past 62 years. The scale of intensity is from EF-0 (65-85mph gusts) to an EF-5 (200+mph gusts).


Here is the tally of all tornadoes (and fatalities) from January through April over the last 4 years.

2014 - 109 (0)
2013 - 218 (3)
2012 - 496 (66)
2011 - 912 (365)

We still have a long way to go, but the signs are pointing to a less active severe weather season.

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