Special Report: Psychic insights on Isabel Celis case

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Isabel Celis was reported missing April 21, 2012.  Since then, we've talked to the little girl's family, to Tucson police, to private investigators, even the Centers for Missing and Exploited Children.

They all have their own opinions about what happened to Isa that night ... and who's potentially responsible for her disappearance.

Though today, for the first time, we hear from individuals who have a different approach to missing persons cases.

Individuals nobody, including the family or police, wanted us to know about.

Until now.

A lot can happen in two years.  Children grow.  Families grow.  Some families separate.

But not the family of Isabel Celis.

Even though the little girl's been missing for two years, they're absolutely committed to finding her.

"I can't believe that we are at two years," says Sergio Celis, the missing little girl's father.   "I certainly wish this would've been over that day."

They speak of Isabel only in present tense.

And even created a new bedroom for her return.

"It's all new and I can't wait for her to see it," says Isa's mother, Becky Celis.  "I think she's gonna go crazy."

It's complete with a new bed, unopened presents and letters from people she's never met.

"What feelings go thru you when you're in this room?" KOLD asks Becky.

"Hope. Because it's all new. It's a new room...just the thought of when she walks in this room and how excited she's going to be," she says.

Some say the Celises are a bit delusional, holding on to something or someone they just can't let go.

But there are some people who genuinely understand what they're are going through.

"You know this is traumatic.  This is a child that's been removed from their life."

Allison DuBois is a world-renowned psychic who's helped authorities solve dozens of cases across the country.

She's also the inspiration behind the hit television show "Medium."

For the record, Tucson Police say they do not use psychics for investigative purposes.

"We never have and I don't think that's a practice we're ever going to start," says Tucson Police Sgt. Chris Widmer.

Still, TPD was contacted by several psychics locally, nationally, even internationally, Widmer says.

"But every single lead that came in for Isabel Celis was followed up on -- and none of those turned out to be credible information."

The Celises say they contacted DuBois after a TPD investigator suggested the idea to them.

"Several times, " Sergio says.  "He made it very clear" (that's what he wanted us to do).

"I wrote up a profile for the Celis family and felt it was somebody close to them that knew the layout of the house," DuBois says, recalling her visit to the Celis home.

We spoke to DuBois over the phone from her home in the Phoenix area.

Her very first words to us referred specifically to Sergio Celis.

"So I went into her room," DuBois says, referring to the missing girl's bedroom.  "The first thing I heard is, 'It's not my dad.'  So that eliminates him for me because that's how I work cases."

Instead, DuBois says the abductor was somebody who snuck in through Isa's window and snatched her up without anybody hearing a thing.

That is with the exception of one neighbor -- whose apartment was just feet from the little girl's bedroom window.

"I didn't hear her.  I never heard her voice," says Alicia Stardevant, who lived immediately next door to the Celises.  "I heard a couple of male voices right outside my bedroom window, right outside her bedroom window but I didn't hear a struggle. There was no fighting and I think she was taken by someone she knew."

That's consistent with what investigators have said...as well as what DuBois shared with the Celises.

"One was almost retracing steps," Sergio says, recalling his conversation with DuBois about Isa's abduction.  "It was almost frightening because of how vivid it was."

"It felt like somebody maybe on the periphery," DuBois says, "which can be a cousin or a friend."

Perhaps even somebody who once lived in the Celis house, she says.

Dubois would not say whether or not Isabel is still alive, citing her findings as inconclusive.

Though another psychic we spoke did not hesitate.

"I can usually feel if they've passed on. She doesn't feel passed on.  Not at all, she doesn't."

Meet Aitreyia.

She's one of several psychics we contacted.

While she never worked on this case with the family, she's the only psychic, other than DuBois who'd go on record with her thoughts.

"I still think there's a potential of her returning in three, could be three or five years, something like that," Aitreyia says.  "But like I said, I keep seeing her playing, keep seeing her happy."

If that's the case where is she?

And why hasn't anyone demanded any sort of ransom?

Last year, the Celises revealed there's an extended family member, who promptly left the state one week after Isabel went missing.

Incidentally enough, that relative once lived in the Celis home.

We're told he's hired an attorney and has not been cooperative with the case.

"It could be something as simple as protecting themselves from something else or from actually something that happened they're involved in," Becky Celis says.

Without revealing any of that information to Aitreyia, she said whoever abducted Isabel didn't intend to keep her this long.

Though plans changed after seeing all the attention the case received nationally, even into Mexico.

"That person has not returned her because I think they're more afraid of persecution and things like that," Aitreyia says.

Over the last 25 years Aitreyia has helped find missing people from Arizona to Florida.

Again, she believes Isabel is still alive, probably somewhere south of the border.

Couple that with the findings of Allison DuBois and other psychics who asked to remain nameless and it gives the Celises some sense of optimism and a new sense of hope.

"The fact that we're getting the same story over and over again," Becky Celis says.

DuBois hopes it gives this community a better understanding of the case...

"There's nothing more painful than losing your child," she says.

And the two people who've been front and center from the very beginning.

"I just hope people express some sensitivity and prayers to the family and continue praying for her to come back or to be found...either way so that the matter can be put to rest," DuBois says.

For legal purposes, we're not revealing the name of the relative under suspicion.

But we can say, DuBois came up with a rendering without ever seeing this person that was strikingly similar.

"Did it make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?" KOLD asked the Celises.

"Yes...And it did hers too," Sergio says.  "Especially when she saw the individual's picture."

When we asked Tucson Police about that relative, all they say is they continue to interview all the subjects involved with this case.

That includes people locally, in California, in Washington and in Texas.

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