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Public records of racing dog injuries could become mandatory

Looking into what happens at Tucson Greyhound Park and what happens to the dogs that race there could become easier.  The legislature approved a bill that requires mandatory public records of injuries.

That was the problem early last month when a dog hit the electrified inside rail and died.  The Department of Racing responded to a request for the track roster and kennel disposition records by saying that it does not maintain those records.

This bill would require signed records that identify the dog that was injured, where on the track the injury occurred if it was during a race, where the injury is on the dog, and how long a recovery is estimated to take.

"I care very deeply about the individual dogs, but also you want to look, is there a systemic thing happening?  Is it, turn three, that's where all the dogs break the legs, or that's what happens here.  And then you can look and say, maybe we need to fix this track," said Rep. Ethan Orr, (R) Tucson.

"Transparency is the key.  For years, greyhound racers, track owners have been saying there's nothing wrong with dog racing, injuries are few, and when they occur, they're slight.  Now, we can look at the records, the public can decide for itself," said Christine Dorchak, president and general counsel for GREY2K USA.

The bill still awaits the governor's signature.

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