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Today's Most: Bride's luggage burns to begin wedding weekend

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -


TODAY'S MOST...Crazy beginning to a wedding weekend: A bride's luggage was destroyed when her car caught fire as she drove to Savannah, Georgia for her wedding weekend. 

Luckily, Sarah Giacinti's wedding dress was in a different car. However, the fire destroyed all of the clothes for her honeymoon, and all the hand-made decorations she put together for the wedding.

Her husband-to-be Mason was following her in a different car, when he saw flames coming from the luggage rack on the back of her car. He called her and told her to pull over. She did, and firefighters ultimately came and put out the fire before the car itself burned.

"I'm just glad to be alive," said Giacinti. "You know, it could have been much, much worse and that I got my dog out and that my car's ok."

The couple still plans to get married on Saturday afternoon.

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