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Lunar eclipse time-lapse from Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

From See It, Snap It, Send It user jrbutterflymagic From See It, Snap It, Send It user jrbutterflymagic

The NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day is a time-lapse of the lunar eclipse seen from Mt. Lemmon Sky Center. 

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The total lunar eclipse took place on Monday night April 14 and continued into early Tuesday morning April 15. 

Today (Monday April 28) NASA picked a time-lapse by Adam Block at the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter as the Astronomy Picture of the Day.  

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon is full and the Earth passes directly between the sun and the moon, blocking sunlight from reaching the moon's surface.  

During the height of the eclipse the moon turns a reddish-brown color as direct light from the sun is blocked.  

During the eclipse the moon passed through two parts of the Earth's shadow. The penumbra is an area where only a portion of the sun's light is blocked by Earth. The umbra represents the area where the Earth entirely blocks light from the sun. 

The image below from shows the two parts of the Earth's shadow. 

The phases of another total lunar eclipse in May 2004 is shown in the image below. 

This mosaic was another NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day created by Anthony Ayiomamitis, an astronomer in Greece. 


The April total lunar eclipse was the first of four to occur in the sky over the next few years.  

Total lunar eclipses also happen on October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and Sept. 28 2015.

Unfortunately not all of these will be visible in the sky over Arizona but live feeds will likely be available online.  

For more information on upcoming lunar eclipses and other astronomical events click here.

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