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Breaking the ice on the Santa Cruz

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I know we are all thinking it, but when will it happen? Triple digits are lurking and are not that far away.

April is now coming to an end, allowing our warm/hot season to kick in. Even though we have seen a warm year so far, things are only going to get warmer from here on out. Typically in May we see the first 100° temperature in Tucson with the average date being May 26th. This year we have avoided that number so far, but all good things must come to an end. 

  Earliest Date Average Date Latest Date
Tucson April 19 May 26 June 22
Sierra Vista May 22 June 17 June 29
Safford April 28 June 1 June 23
Nogales May 12 June 6 June 26
Douglas May 12 June 13 June 29
Oracle May 26 June 25 August 2

Great news to this triple digit idea is that we are not going to see that number this week. With high pressure building out west, our highs will rise into the mid 90s this weekend, but another low will move in and lower those once again into the 80s by next week. So another week of triple digits heat staying away from southern Arizona.

The last time Tucson hit 100° was back in 2013 on September 20th. This makes it 221 days since we've seen that century mark temperature in Tucson. If we make it until that average date of May 26th, that would put us at 249 days since the last 100 degree temperature in Tucson.

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