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NBA action against Sterling was needed, overdue

The NBA threw the book at Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

He's been banned from the league for life and he will likely have to sell his team after he was caught on tape making racist remarks.

And it's about time.

There's been some talk that Sterling's conversation with his girlfriend was a private one and the punishment went too far.

But this was not an isolated moment of ignorance. Sterling's offensive remarks about not wanting a girlfriend to bring "black players" to games were not taken out of context.

Over the years, Sterling has faced federal charges of civil rights violations and racial discrimination in business. He made shocking race-related statements in lawsuits before reaching multimillion-dollar settlements. And former employees have sued him for sexual harassment.

It's puzzling why the NBA tolerated Donald Sterling for so long.

But now - at last - the NBA is saying he has to go. Hopefully, whoever takes his place sets the right example both on and off the court. These types of comments cannot be tolerated.

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