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Fire chief: Sierra Vista donation scam may be a misunderstanding

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

What started as a warning scam from the city of Sierra Vista may end up being a misunderstanding and a case of not reading the fine print.

In the warning issued today, Sierra Vista Fire told residents and businesses about a scam in which a company is asking for donations for magnets in support of the fire department, saying the department never granted permission for the use of its name to solicit funds.

Tucson News Now found out that company is called Firehouse Promotions and Sarah Perino showed us a signed agreement that gives them the right to sell ad space on a magnetic calendar.

It reads, "Community businesses will pay a fee to be promoted on the fire safety magnets."

Sierra Vista Fire Chief Randy Redmond said he thought he was doing what was best for his department with the assumption money would go toward fire prevention. But when he started getting complaints from people being contacted by firehouse promotions, he quickly realized it was something he didn't sign up for and that he was "under the impression that it was accepting a donor's offer to support fire prevention programs, but the intent from the receiver was different from the donor."

So is this really still considered a scam? We're still digging. Both the chief and the company say they'll have more to say on Wednesday.

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